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Early Years provision is Good - OFSTED 2015 - "Good leadership and management have brought about clear improvements. For example there have been successful developments in the quality of child-initiated activities, and on teaching children how to sound out and spell words (phonics). Parents and carers engage with their children's learning; they are welcomed into school. Teaching is good. There is a good range of activities that engage and challenge children and prepare them well for Year 1. Behaviour is good. The school's strong safeguarding arrangements ensure that children are safe and secure. Good teamwork with the teaching assistant ensures that individuals receive good support where necessary."

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Here are some photographs of learning in our EYFS setting.

Caring for the environment in transition sessions
Musical expression.
Exploring maths through cooking in the kitchen.
Taking risks at Forest School.
Cooperating to build a pretend fire.
Caring for the school chickens.
listening to each other in phonics
Cooperating to make balloons that fly.
Being curious and caring towards the wildlife
Developing fine motor control by baking bread.