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School Performance 2016 - 2019

The summary of results includes information about EYFS, Phonics, KS1 and KS2 results .

​The school's performance is compared to National results over the past 4 years.


​Areas for development 

Attendance continues to fall due to illness and parents taking unauthorised holidays in term time. 

Internal and external barriers

  • Parents do not necessarily understand that attendance in the early years matters for academic success
  • Community’s attitude towards school itself and the value attached to education.
  • Emotional wellbeing and health of a child
  • Challenging family circumstances
  • Safeguarding concerns
  • Unable to get to school on time in the morning
  • It is much cheaper for parents to take a holiday during term time and accept a fine than it is to take it out of term time
  • Children being kept off for minor ailments such as coughs and colds and for extended periods of time
  • Parents keeping their children off school for other unauthorised reasons
  • Children from abroad traveling back to their country of origin for extended visits

Actions including time scale
Attendance support from EWO
  • We have requested more stability regarding the EWO attached to our school
  • More regular email contact and issues being picked up quicker
  • Fining parents who take their children on holiday during term time

Deputy head in the role of  Attendance Champion
  • Promote a culture of attendance that educates parents about the value of the learning/skill development that begins with school entry.
  • Offer orientation/education for parents new to the school that emphasises regular attendance
  • Tackle persistence absence and ensure lower level absence is monitored
  • To attend meetings with the EWO
  • To monitor whole school attendance
  • To organise weekly class certificates/rewards for attendance
  • To keep parents informed  about attendance

Desired impact
  • Children who have persistent absence will be picked up more quickly due to the regular contact and targeted for support.
  • That children will attend more regularly and that the impact will be raised attainment and faster progress.

Evidence and Evaluation
  • Deputy head is keeping a weekly track of attendance. The class with the highest attendance receives a certificate. Children are very mindful and want to be the best class each week.
  • An excel spreadsheet allows us to track attendance carefully and identify any trends that can be tackled quickly.
  • Regular phone calls are made to families that have persistent absenteeism. Some families have received truancy notices, warning letters or fines.

Parent questionnaire

Parent/carer lesson and lunch 

Please spend a few minutes completing this questionnaire. Your feedback is helpful to us. Thank you.
37 responses from Willow, Hazel, Ash and Birch

  1. I think that the lesson and lunch is a good idea.
Agree: 37
Disagree: 0
  1. I enjoy the chance to see what school is like for my child.
Agree 37
Disagree: 0
  1. I learn a lot about school life by attending the sessions.
Agree: 34
Sometimes:  3
Disagree: 0
  1. I enjoy having lunch in school with my child.
Agree 37
  1. The most useful part of the lesson and lunch is:
Seeing children and our own child in class participating in lessons
Seeing how everyone interacts with each other
Watching my daughter in different lessons
Watching how the children enjoy learning in a fun way
See how my child is in class
Nice to see how lessons are conducted and a great opportunity to join in with your child
Seeing how my child is learning
Spending time in a different environment with my grandchild
Watching the children in the class environment
Being able to see what my child gets up to at school and seeing what they eat
To get a understanding of what they are learning about and to see their social development and interaction with other
Seeing what he does in school and how he listens to instructions
Seeing how the teacher interacts with children
To be able to join in with my child, make her feel more comfortable and interact with her friends and teachers
Learning more about my child’s topic
How well they are getting on in a school environment rather than seeing how they get on while completing their homework
Seeing how my child works, how she behaves during school and experiencing how well they eat
It’s a pleasure to see my child and their peers enjoying their education
  1. Things that I think would make it a more valuable experience are:
Teacher was brilliant so couldn’t make it better
Having a bit more time
Nothing I would change
Think it is a valuable experience for both child and parent already
Maybe having min-video clips of the parents getting involved with their children’s interests
Making the class lesson with parents into smaller groups so it is more intimate  
Longer lessons with my child
Having photos taken of the session
Making memories to keep
  1. Any other comments?
Enjoy it every time keep these sessions up as they are good for both parents and children
Nice to see fun learning
My child loves it
Really enjoyed the lesson and lunch
None very happy indeed
Lovely staff and environment  
Thank you for all your hard work
More lessons would be great
A lovely environment
The teachers are fantastic with the children and it is lovely to see the full extent of the work they do. Well done.
We look forward to these days, it’s great to see the children in their school environment and they love to show us what they have been doing