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30th April 2021



95% is the average attendance in primary schools


95% or higher is considered GOOD attendance

This means you have had less than 10 days off school in a year


Our target is to maintain an attendance level of   97%  or higher


Summer Term
23rd April95.20%97.10%98.60%98.50%98.60%96.25%97.00%97 %
30th April97.90%97.90%  98.95%97.8% 96.05%  91.20%97.65%  97 %
7th May        
14th May        
21st may        
28th May        


Why is it important for children not to miss school?


If children do not attend school regularly they may:


  • Struggle to keep up with school work. Everything we teach at Gobowen School builds upon previous learning experiences.  What we teach equips children with the knowledge and skills required for the next stage in their learning journey.  In a busy school day it is difficult for schools to find the extra time to help a child catch up.  


  • Miss out on the social side of school life. Poor attendance can affect children’s ability to make and keep friendships; a vital part of growing up.


In primary schools less than 65% of children achieve good results in English and Maths with an average of 15 days absence a year compared to almost 90% where the average is less than 8 days.


Parents can be very surprised at how quickly their children can accumulate 15 days absence within a year.


 100% attendance  = Attending school every day

 90% attendance  = Attending 4½ days a week = 4 weeks missed per year

 80% attendance  = Attending 4 days a week = more than half a term missed per year.

 70% attendance  = Attending 3½ days a week = more than a quarter of the school year missed.


    An average attendance of 80% or less across a child’s school career adds                                             up to missing a whole 2 years from school.                               





Why is it important for children to be on time? 


Being late for school reduces learning time.


If your child is 5 minutes late every day they will miss three days of learning each year.

If your child is 15 minutes late every day they will miss 2 weeks of learning each year.


Make every minute count!