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Science Week


Science Week:  Our theme is 'Change.' Science week has stretched into 'Science Month' as we have had ducklings hatching and new class gardens  . We have a Fizzpops science assembly to look forward  to this week and after Science week, we have a visit from the Techniquest planetarium.

​During Science Week,  children will have workshops from the Wildlife Trust on Tuesday and Wednesday. TNS will be completing health checks with years 5 and 6 on Wednesday. On Friday there will  be composting and pond dipping activities for the children to enjoy.

Zoo Lab

Zoo Lab 1
Zoo Lab 2
Zoo Lab 3


Techniquest 1
Techniquest 2
Techniquest 3

Manchester Science Fair

Manchester Science Fair 1
Manchester Science Fair 2

Viewing the eclipse

Viewing the eclipse 1
Viewing the eclipse 2
Viewing the eclipse 3
Viewing the eclipse 4

Making fire.

Making fire. 1
Making fire. 2 learning about potassium and sodium
Making fire. 3 Dry ice experiment
Making fire. 4 Looking at chemical changes
Making fire. 5


Chicks 1
Chicks 2
Chicks 3
Chicks 4