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Who’s Who

We decided to name our classes after trees, as we have the most fantastic forest school site and passionately believe in the importance of outdoor education. 



Mr Walsh   

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Lawson

​Class Teachers

Willow Class (Reception) - Mrs Boulton
Sycamore Class (Year 1) - Mrs Grady
Hazel Class (Year 2) - Mrs Cameron
Maple Class (Year 3) - Mr Griffiths
Ash Class (Year 4) - Mrs Owen
Birch Class (Year 5) - Mrs C Jones
Oak Class (Year 6) - Mr Lawson
Pupil Premium/Cover - Mrs S Jones

​Support Staff

Mrs Manning -  TA (Willow)
​​Mrs Roberts - HLTA (Birch)
Miss Plaisted - TA (Sycamore)
​Mrs Evans is a HLTA (Hazel)
​Mrs Farminer - TA (Ash)
​Mrs Hunter - HLTA (Birch)
​Mrs Hayward - HLTA (Maple)
Mrs Ide - TA (Oak) - Learning Mentor 
​Mrs Williams - TA (Willow) - Forest School.
​Mrs French - HLTA (Oak)
Miss Harris  - TA (Ash)
Mrs T Howes (Willow)
Mrs N Reid-McCarthy (Hazel)
Mrs Jones
Mrs McCracken

Lunchtime Staff 

Mrs B Jones
Mrs T Howes
Mrs N Reid-McCarthy
​Miss N Tawn

Kitchen Staff

Mrs S Hughes
Mrs J Jones
​Miss C Edwards

Busy Lizards

Mrs D HenDerson
Miss C Edwards
Miss J Critchell 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Mrs B Jones
Mrs T Howes
Mr G Tomlinson
​Mr N Owens