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Here at Gobowen Primary School we teach French.

We follow the Catherine Cheater programme for teaching French.


Children taking part in a carousel of activities during the Key Stage 2 specialist teaching swaps.
​Here they were drawing a fruit or vegetable and writing sentences around the drawing in French of their likes and dislikes of various fruit and vegetables.

Here children were spending time on the 'Fruit and Vegetables'- 'Les fruits et les legumes' section of Language Nut.

As a school we are subscribed to the Language Nut educational website which has professional and supportive tools to teach and learn 20 world languages. French is the Modern Language that is taught at Gobowen from Year 3 so language nut has some great interactive tools for speaking, listening, reading and writing French. 


When children log in, spend time on Language Nut and then log out, any activities that they have completed are recorded in a personal log which staff can view to monitor pupil use and progress.