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Our School Governors

The school Governing Body is made up of community governors, local authority appointed governors, staff governors and parent governors, as defined by Local Authority regulations. 

The current members of the school Governing Body are:

Mrs Sheila Riddall-Leech (Chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor)

Mr Malcolm Titley (Vice Chair, Local Authority Governor)
Mr Ronan Walsh (Headteacher)
Mrs Claire Jones (Staff Governor)
Mrs Alison Myers (Co-opted Governor)
Mrs Nicola Jones (Associate Governor) 
Mr Robert Macey (Co-opted Governor)
Mrs Donna Murdoch (Parent Governor)
Mrs Louise Wakefield (Parent Governor)
Rev Steve Nicholson (Co-opted Governor)


Mr R Walsh

The Headteacher is a member of the Governing Body by virtue of their position (ex officio)
Ongoing term of office
Committees:  Curriculum, Finance & General Personnel, Premises, Security and Health and Safety 
Link Governor responsibilities:        Not applicable

I was appointed as Headteacher in September 2018.


Mrs C Jones

Appointed by the Gobowen Primary School Staff in January 2019
4 year term of office ends January 2023
Committees: Finance & General Personnel,  Curriculum
​Link Governor responsibilities:        Not applicable

SENCO and Year 5 teacher.


Mrs Alison Myers

Co-opted by the Governing Body in February 2018 for a second term
Committees: Curriculum
Premises, Security and Health & Safety
Pupil Discipline (Chair)
Staff Discipline / Staff Dismissal
Link Governor responsibilities: Literacy


I was invited to join the governing body in 2016 and was happy to join the team in driving the school forward. As Leader of Gobowen All Rounders Pre-School and a former primary school teacher I have a keen interest in education, and in supporting and promoting education throughout the community.  In my role as governor I am able to support the governing body and staff in many ways. I am also able to bring my knowledge of early years to support the transition arrangements of children moving up to reception. I look forward to learning more and offering more of my skills and experience during my term of governance.


Mrs N Jones

Appointed in October 2016 as an Associate Governor for a 6th term of office
2 year term of office ends 18 October 2022
Committees: Premises, Security and Health and Safety,  Curriculum
Link Governor responsibilities:        Not applicable


​I am presently the Office Co-ordinator at Gobowen Primary School and have been on the Governing Body since 2008. I became a governor as I wanted to help the school develop and improve because I feel strongly that every child deserves the best possible education. I was originally employed as a Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant in 2003.  I followed this role by becoming a Higher Level Teaching Assistant in 2010.  In February 2012 I began working in the school office.  These varying roles have enabled me to have an excellent insight into how the school operates from both an academic and financial point of view. 


Councillor Robert Macey 

Co-opted by Governing Body in May 2015
Current 4 year term of office ends 29 June 2025
Finance & General Personnel
Premises, Security and Health & Safety (Chair)
Appeals  (Chair)
Link Governor responsibilities:  PE, Sports funding, Forest school


Mrs Sheila Riddall-Leech 

Co-opted by Governing Body 6 June 2018
Current 2 year term of office ends 5 June 2022


Link Governor responsibilities: EYFS, music


​I have spent all my career in education, working with nursery children to university students and teachers. I have worked in several different countries and areas of the UK. Most recently I was an Ofsted inspector for the early years and also ran my own training company.  I have written numerous books to support academic courses and also different related educational topics.
My interests are choral singing, gardening and walking. 



Vice Chair : Mr Malcolm Titley

Appointed by the Local Authority in July 2013 
Re-appointed by the Local Authority in November 2017
4 year term of office – ends 31 October 2025
Vice Chair of Governors since May 2016
Curriculum (Chair)
Complaints (Chair)
Staff Discipline / Staff Dismissal (Chair)
Link Governor responsibilities: Special Educations Needs and Disabilities (SEND) & SEN funding;
Education Improvement Partnership


​I am a retired Secondary School teacher and have lived in Gobowen for over 30 years. Both my daughter and granddaughter attended Gobowen School.

I have been a governor since 2013 and have been involved with its excellent progress since its OFSTED inspection. Children only have one opportunity in education. I want the children of Gobowen to receive the best education in a safe, stimulating environment, delivered by high quality teaching. 



Mrs Donna Murdoch  

Appointed as a Parent Governor by the  Governing Body on 28 November 2018
Current 4 year term of office ends November 2022


Pupil discipline

Link Governor responsibilities: Art, Design and Technology


I have two children at Gobowen School and, since moving to the area 3 years ago, they have settled in well and are thoroughly enjoying their time at school. From my position as a parent I can see how committed each member of staff is towards ensuring all pupils at Gobowen school have the best possible education.  I am very pleased to now be part of the Governing body which ensures these high standards are maintained and built upon.  My work background is in Nursing-
I look forward to applying my skills to making a positive contribution to the success of our school, and to learning more about the education system and the school community.





Louise Wakefield

Appointed as a Parent Governor by the  Governing Body on 26 May 2021
Current 4 year term of office ends 25 May 2025


Link Governor responsibilities: Languages


Rev Steve Nicholson

Appointed as a Co-opted Governor by the  Governing Body on 21 October 2020
Current 2 year term of office ends 20 October 2022


Link Governor responsibilities: Maths, Computing, RE


I have been asked to serve as a co-opted governor to support the school as they help every child to reach their potential. Before theological training, I studied engineering and worked in music, and am keen to support across the breadth of the curriculum and especially STEM, PHSE and RE.


I'm very thankful to be asked to serve the school in this way. The church and school have had a strong partnership for many years and together are key building blocks of our vibrant community in Gobowen.




We are also required to publish details of anyone who has served on the Governing Body during the previous 12 months:


Mrs Kate Evans   

Appointed as a Parent Governor by the  Governing Body on 6 June 2018
4 year term of office ends 5 June 2022


Staff Discipline
​Pupil Discipline
Link Governor responsibilities:
Science and languages


As one of the many parents at Gobowen School, I felt it was important to offer my support and skills to the school in whatever way is needed.
Although I hold a degree in Primary Education, my employment has taken a very different course. Firstly, I began tutoring the unemployed and later vulnerable adults in maths, English and employment skills. To now working in a care home where I am responsible for all financial aspects of the business as well as assessment and auditing processes.
Through my role as a governor I am now able to join my training with my employment history.  This role is continually evolving in order to support the ongoing needs of the schools and it's children and I look forward to developing my own knowledge within this role while ensuring our children receive the best education possible.



Mrs Samantha Pittman

Appointed as a Parent Governor by the  Governing Body on 26 May 2021
Current 4 year term of office ends 25 May 2025


Link Governor responsibilities: ECO Committee, PSHE


My daughter started at Gobowen Primary School in September 2019, she has always taken a while to settle into a new environment but settled well into school life thanks to the teaching staff who go above and beyond to ensure the children are happy. What is refreshing is my daughter comments about seeing the head teacher, Mr Walsh during activities and it is clear he takes a keen interest in the day to day activities of all of the children.


I felt it important to support the school in a way I could by volunteering to be a Governor. I'm a holistic healer and have a great interest in children learning outdoors, learning what nature has to offer and how we can help wildlife. I have experience of working with adults with learning difficulties and am learning about therapeutic parenting and ways to support the emotional needs of children. 

How do I contact the School Governors?

Governors will always welcome feedback and comments about the school both informally and formally. 
In the event of a complaint, we have a process that should be followed, and can be found in the Complaints Policy in the Policy and Document section of this website. 

Gobowen Primary School Governing Body can be contacted through the school office on 01691 661343 or by writing to: Chair of Governors, Gobowen Primary School, School Lane, Gobowen, SY11 3LD.  Any letters that we receive, addressed to the Governing Body, are forwarded directly to the Chair of Governors. All communication with governors is dealt with in the strictest confidence.



What do we do?

Governors work together as a 'corporate body' or governing body in partnership with the headteacher that operates within a framework. Together with the headteacher who provides advice and guidance to the Governing Body, they set the future direction for the school. Some of the responsibilities of  a governing body are to:-
  • Set and manage the overall budget for the school
  • Decide on the number of staff
  • Interview and appoint teaching and support staff
  • Decide on the level of pay for staff
  • Help decide the priorities for improving the school when the School Development Plan is being drawn up
  • Ensure the National Curriculum is taught to all pupils
  • Set targets for pupil attainment and achievement
  • Hold the school to account through monitoring, questions and challenge
  • Compare the performance of the school to similar schools
  • Receive information about the quality of teaching in the school
  • Have a published procedure for dealing with parental complaints and concerns
  • Ensure the balanced treatment of political issues
  • Ensure health and safety issues are addressed
  • Set the times of school sessions


How can I find out more?

More information about the role of a school governor or about becoming a governor can be found on the Shropshire County Council website.